Types of handbags for women

Handbags are one of our favorite accessories, therefore, we consider them indispensable, there are many types of handbags, you can find them in a variety of designs, shapes and multiple colors.

This makes choosing the perfect bag something complicated, but no less pleasant, surely you have had different types of bags because like us you started collecting them since you were a child, so you know which ones you like the most, because they make you look more beautiful, comfortable and confident.

Hence we always want to have one for every occasion, but not just any, the best, the most practical, the one that also makes you feel and look more elegant, so it is convenient to know the different types of bags and their characteristics to decide which is our best option.

Of course, it is very difficult for us because we usually want to buy several models, isn’t it?

This is because first we want to combine them with different clothes to always look great, then because we love handbags, and there are many to choose from to get that trendy look.

But have you ever wondered what is the origin of handbags and how it has evolved?


It can be said that the handbag has always accompanied the human being, of course, with the passage of time this accessory has changed a lot both in its use and in its aesthetics.

The first evidences that man used bags are located in the Egyptian civilization, it can be seen in different engravings, then its use spread to all known civilizations: Greeks, Romans, Celts, among other cultures.

By the Middle Ages, both men and women used different handbags that varied in capacity and size, and by the French Revolution (XIX century) handbags were considered a fashion accessory, as it brought social status to the ladies of the time.

As time went by, a variety of handbag models emerged until they became, nowadays, an essential accessory for us (also for many of them).

But do you know the different types of handbags for women?

Join us and take a look together with us at these precious models.


  • Tote: appears in the early twentieth century. they are usually quite large, exceeding in width the thickness of the side of most people, usually made of fabric or some other flexible material.

It is a horizontal bag whose base is narrower than its upper part, it is a shoulder bag that is why it has long handles, they are resistant, they are made to carry weight, in them we can carry from books to clothes.

Because of their size and shape they are designed to make our life easier, they are ideal for shopping or going out for a walk (or both) with our friends.

  • Backpack: it is the type of bag that is carried hanging on the back with two handles or straps, made in a variety of models and colors, it will be perfect for any occasion, although they are usually used in a more urban way giving you an air of elegance, they are also very suitable for traveling.
  • Clutch: also known as envelope type bag or handbag, is considered one of the most elegant, they are designed for women who want to project a fine and delicate appearance.

They are usually small, rectangular, without handles and are used for more formal events, if you have wondered how to carry a handbag, the suggestion is to carry it on very special occasions.

  • Bumbag (fanny pack) is worn hanging from the waist with a belt, it is very practical because it can serve to distribute the weight of what you usually carry, it is also a great piece to go for a walk or to know a city.
  • Hobo bags: they are distinguished by having a rounded design at its base, plus a slightly narrower shape at the top, despite its size are easy to carry, they are usually made of leather or leather, are very comfortable and informal, but very elegant in turn.
  • Crossbody (shoulder bag): is one of the most used models, comes in multiple styles and sizes, and is worn over one shoulder, they are usually not very large, within this class include styles such as the Satcher, typical of students.

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Author: InfoSama