The best tips on how to organize your bags

Among the many tasks we set ourselves during the confinement in which we have lived the last year, cleaning and organizing our house is surely among the first.

We can no longer excuse ourselves in the lack of time, it’s time to take advantage and put in order our closets.

And since we love bags (that’s why we started collecting them from a very young age) and it’s so hard for us to get rid of them, which leads us to have a lot of them, it’s time to organize them.

It’s up to you to turn the task of storing bags in the closet into a time to entertain yourself while you give free rein to your creativity, so let’s get to work.


A question that we constantly ask ourselves because we have many: comfortable bags, and depending on our work, also elegant to take to work, coquettish and practical backpacks to go for a walk, spacious to go to the gym, small or flat to go to a party, hand, shoulder, cross-body, in short, for us there are never enough.

Tote, Hobo, Bumbags, Crosbody, Clutch, Backpacks, how many bags do you have? The question is how to organize the bags in your closet?

We share your concern, so we leave you some useful tips below:

  • Take advantage of the doors, organize them in the back.
  • Use the upper shelves of the closet to organize clutches and handbags, do not worry about the heights.
  • Use lined boxes, you can use them to group your bags and classify them as you like, you will be able to see the models without having to take them out, try to have fun making them yourself.
  • Have custom-made modules made to organize your bags, with specific compartments for the smaller ones, the larger ones can be placed on boards attached to the wall (shelves).
  • Place them in open modules next to the shoes in the dressing room.
  • The wall is an ideal place, let your imagination run wild: place them in a row, as a collage, or as if they were pictures, or on hooks and hangers. They are all within easy reach and become part of the decoration, what do you think?
  • Use standing coat racks, or any other type of vertical organizers, they look great, depending on the size of your closet you can have a coat rack inside.
  • If you decide for an open shelf they will also look great.
  • You can use a magazine rack or cylindrical containers to hang them, or dare to create your own accessories.

Do not discard any idea, all of them can be useful and can expand and embellish the decoration of your rooms.

There are many ideas for fashion addicts, and of course, for handbags and purses.


Bags and shoes reign in our closets, they are our star pieces, that’s why they deserve an important place in our spaces.

If you have a large dressing room, you can consider yourself lucky because you have enough space to organize your beloved bags.

But, if on the other hand your house or apartment is small, you should think of other ways to organize your bags in a small space:

  • On individual shelf dividers.
  • On vertical clothes hangers.
  • On wall shelves.
  • In boxes inside the closet or methacrylate boxes.
  • In fabric bags for under the bed.
  • On a shelf or specific organizers for handbags.
  • In fabric bags for under the bed.

In removable coat racks, tree-shaped or coat racks for the door.

As you can see, any of these ideas will be very useful to organize your bags and have them at hand at all times.

In addition to taking advantage of the little space, they will contribute to beautify your home by becoming part of the decoration.

We are sure that these simple ideas respond to your need to keep your bags in order, and to preserve their quality and durability to the maximum.

Remember, if you have little space, the ideal is to opt for vertical elements, because you will get more out of your closet, dressing room or room in general.

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Author: InfoSama