How to match your bag with your clothes

A handbag is undoubtedly an elementary accessory in every outfit and over the years, it has gone from being a simple accessory or part of our clothing to take real prominence, front and center, bags have become that must-have that complements our outfits, however you have to know how to mix the bag with the clothes.

Fashion imposes, that is why we want to talk a little about how to combine your bags with the clothes you wear and there are bags of all colors, sizes, designs and textures that you can imagine, however each one has its function in the daily life of each person.

From the most practical uses such as carrying personal items to the most ostentatious, such as those bags full of rhinestones and decorations, each one adapts to different occasions, whether it is an important meeting, or simply use it in your day to day.

There are many myths about how to combine our bag, it could be said that everyone imposes their own rules, there are those who decide to combine their bag with clothes or shoes, even with other accessories such as necklaces or earrings.

They say that what we wear is a direct reflection of our personality, a way to show the world who we are and what we like, handbags are undoubtedly a clear example of this, although we could say that there are not many rules in fashion, there are certainly fundamental aspects that we must follow when combining a bag with clothes.


  1. I could say that the first rule when you want to combine your bag with your clothes, is to understand that the combinations do not mean that everything you wear must be of the same color, but to achieve a balance between the clothes you wear and their accessories with different colors, textures and shapes.
  2. Do not wear the bag the same color as the shoes, there was a time when it was fashionable to combine virtually all garments and accessories of the same color, creating monochromatic and boring looks and is that at that time to combine the bag with clothes certainly went out of control, but that’s water under the bridge, and thank goodness!
  3. If you have decided that the protagonist of your look is one of the garments you want to wear, such as a low-cut and flashy shirt, forget the idea of wearing an outrageous bag, and is that in every look there must be balance, no doubt this rule is elementary when combining your bags with clothes.
  4. Less is always more, if you have decided to wear a flashy bag, one for example fluorine color, always opt for basic and simple garments where the bag you have decided to use, becomes a key part of your outfit,
  5. Each bag for every occasion, bags are essential items that help us to complement our outfits, in addition to their usefulness, however, just like the outfits, they must be according to the occasion.

Combining bags with clothes can be difficult for many people, however, there are several ways to achieve it, in Calmabags we have a wide variety of models to suit you.

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Author: InfoSama