Why full grain leather is the best leather in the world.

When we describe our products we like to mention that our bags are made with full grain leather using a 100% handmade process.

Due to this, we are asked daily about the leather and its characteristics. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate a post to talk about this type of leather, its origin, its feel, how to take care of it, and many other interesting factors that enable you to distinguish this type of leather from others, and to discover why full grain is the best leather in the world.

The difference between grain leather and full grain leather

We must first distinguish between grain and full grain leather. Grain leather is a step down from full grain leather and this is clearly reflected in the price.

Grain leather is treated more aggressively, undergoing a harsher sanding process to remove imperfections such as scars, stings and other marks. As a result of this process, the leather becomes thinner and less durable.

Full grain leather is what we use at Calma Bags.

You may be wondering what separates full grain leather from other sorts. The difference is in its treatment. A very light treatment is applied to full-grain leather to retain its natural appearance, and that is what makes this type of leather so unique.

These leather come from well treated animals. They are leather with very few marks, which is quite difficult to achieve as these animals are exposed to natural elements such as insect and parasite bites as well as scarring.

Full grain leather retains all the natural grains and pores of the animal leather. The naturalness is preserved and the treatment applied in the tanning process is minimal.

Full grain leather vs top grain leather

Now that we have established the difference between full grain leather and grain leather, we are going to distinguish the difference between full grain leather and top grain leather. Full grain leather is the highest quality leather- even higher than top grain leather which is often mistakenly assumed to be superior due to its name.

The first thing to know is that full grain leather comes from the top layer of the leather.

This layer includes all natural grains which is why it is called ‘full grain’ leather. This type of leather is more expensive and difficult to work with in comparison to that of ‘top grain’ leather which is thinner and more flexible.

Another factor to highlight about full grain leather is that the natural surface of this leather is unique.

The full grain tells a story of natural imperfections including light marks on the surface. The leather is extremely resistant and durable since the natural grains contain the strongest fibres in the leather. In addition to this, it’s also breathable, which reduces moisture from prolonged contact.

As full grain leather ages, instead of wearing out, its shine becomes enhanced, causing the bag to develop a beautiful and unique character that cannot be easily duplicated. Therefore, believe it or not, the more you use your bag, the better it will look.

Our full grain leather bags

Now that you’re aware of the characteristics of the type of leather we use at Calma Bags, you can understand why buying and gifting one of our bags is almost like presenting someone with a diamond – they are extremely durable and their preciousness increases with time.

At Calma we create simple and elegant bags and backpacks made with full grain leather that boast not only stunning design, but also the highest quality.

In addition, each of our bags are made 100% by hand, by artisans in Ubrique, a small town in the province of Cadiz, where the manufacture of leather products is not just a job, but a time-honoured tradition.

The combination of quality and design, together with the skilled hands that make them, are what make our bags so unique and special.