10 tips that will help keep your leather bag in mint condition

10 tips that will help keep your leather bag in mint condition

If you´re reading this it´s no doubt because you´ve finally got your hands on that leather bag that you were after. The one that you were waiting for someone to surprise you with on your birthday, at Christmas or some other special occasion and now that you have it at last, there is no separating the two of you.

Although the price is not within everyone´s reach, a leather bag should be considered a valuable investment. These bags can last a lifetime, assuming they are cared for in the correct manner.

This is why we have drawn up a series of tips that will help you to extend the life of your bag and have it looking always like the day you bought it.

  1. Don´t remove stains with just any product.

If your leather bag gets a stain, clean it with a DAMP cloth (never a wet one). Rub in  a circular motion until the stain finally goes away. Bear in mind that the leather is a very delicate material and that some stains will be harder or even impossible to get rid of. This is why you must be very careful with alcohol and perfume as these are the hardest stains to get rid of.

With regard to day to day cleaning, we suggest a dry, white cotton cloth. Just rub the cloth all over the surface of the bag, without adding any product to the cloth.

  1. Always keep it in its cover.

The way you store your bag is very important.  Try not to pile it in among other bags and store it in adequate conditions, avoiding sunlight and damp. Normally leather bags come with their own cover, but if not, you can make your own one out of cotton.

  1. Moisturize

As time goes by, the leather tends to become dry and the bag can lose its original appearance. Because of this, it´s advisable to moisturize the leather with a specialized product or as a cheaper alternative, you can use a cream such as Nivea, which is  just as effective.

  1. Never dry with a hand drier.

If your bag gets wet in the rain, don´t panic! Dry it carefully with a towel or a cotton cloth and let the dampness disappear on its own. Once the bag is totally dry, you can moisturize it so that it returns to its original appearance. It,s VERY important that you don´t use a drier.

  1. Don´t overload your bag

If you think your bag is a piece of luggage, think again! Even though there are bags big enough to carry all you need, try not to put too much weight inside, because this can cause too much wear and tear on the straps and make your back look worn.

  1. Beware of oil.

If your bag has an oil stain, we have the solution. First and foremost, always try to avoid situations where oil can come into contact with your bag, because oil is leather´s biggest enemy. Oil and leather, don´t go together! If the unthinkable were to occur and you get an oil stain, here´s what to do:

Try cleaning the area that is stained with Talcum powder, which will absorb the grease.Then after letting it settle in for a few hours, sweep away the powder with a soft brush.

  1. If you use your bag a lot, brush it!

If you use your bag every day, we suggest you brush it at least twice a year. In this way you will get rid of dust particles and dirt that accumulate over time.

  1. Don´t put cosmetics inside your bag.

If you need to carry make up in your bag, use a toiletry bag to avoid direct contact with the inside of your leather bag. In this way you will avoid mishaps such as the spilling out and damaging the interior. Also, try not to carry pens crayons or marker pens that can leave stains on the inside of the bag.

  1. Don´t touch your bag with dirty hands.

Avoid contact with your bag if you haven´t washed your hands. Carry with you a hand sanitizer, to make sure you won´t dirty your bag when you touch it. In this way, you won´t only avoid leaving unnecessary marks on your bag, but you will also be free of bacteria. 2 for 1 is never bad!

  1. If you´re going to leave your bag in the wardrobe for a long time, stuff it!

If you intend to leave your bag in the wardrobe for a long time and you want to avoid it going out of shape, you have to stuff it with onionskin paper or blank sheets. Don´t use newspaper or magazines in order to avoid the ink stains penetrating onto the inside of the bag.