Bags and shoes in perfect harmony

Bags and shoes are our favorite accessories and our lifelong companions, they reign in our closets or dressing rooms.

We know that choosing matching shoes and bag can be decisive because in fact, these are key pieces in any style you assume and want to be identified.

And as we love to boast that we have very good taste when choosing them, thinking about how to combine them to look more beautiful and elegant, and of course, to be fashionable, becomes a concern.

Because how can we combine them and get them in perfect harmony? Should they always be the same color? Should we buy matching shoes and bag? What if we love a bag but don’t have the perfect shoes?

These are some of the questions that haunt us when it comes to looking for the ideal bag and shoes, but relax, here are some tips that will make the task of doing so, much easier and also pleasant.

However, keep in mind that strict rules are a thing of the past, and in today’s world you can experiment with new trends, textures, and of course combinations.

It’s all about daring a little, so start by forgetting that you should always wear the same color bag and shoes, because this goes way beyond that.

These are the three essentials you need to know to master the art of wearing shoes with matching handbags.

Bolsos y zapatos

Shall we begin?

1. Consider the size of the bag.

If you use a big and flashy bag, the ideal is to combine it with discreet shoes, that’s why black pumps are a must in your closet.

In the case that the bag is small and simple, you should go for flashy shoes, because you always get it right if you apply the contrast with common sense and good taste.

But as there must always be balance, if you wear a bag that has tassels, beads, or colors that attract attention choose basic shoes of a single color, or vice versa.

As you can see the size of the bag is a fundamental factor to consider so that your look looks harmonious, but you should also take into account the colors and contrast, so you can learn to play with them.

2. Colors and contrast.

What you should keep in mind when wearing your bag and shoes to match, is to use similar tones or on the contrary contrast completely, in case you want to give prominence to your bag you can bet on a red or gold one.

If you are one of those who like printed bags, it is best to combine your shoes with any of the tones that have the print, so there are colors that can not miss in your closet like brown or black.

In other cases, using a bag with shoes of another color, can give you a different touch because it breaks with your look.

Definitely the color is important, so bag and shoes should be coupled but it does not have to be 100%, the proof is that there are color combinations to wear bags with matching shoes that are fashionable and look great.

Of course, all this has to do with style, and of course, fashion.

3. The style: matching bags and shoes

The style always conditions the bag and shoes of the look you want to wear, for example, if it is sporty you can complete it with a crossbody bag or backpacks or backpacks, you will look charming.

On the other hand, if it is a clutch or handbag, the ideal is to wear it with heeled sandals or pumps, because they are usually used with formal and party outfits, you will look cute and distinguished.

Bolsos y zapatos

Finally, as we mentioned at the beginning, it is also about experimenting, daring, but that does not mean you should give up your personal style, the one that makes you unique.

And the best way to maintain that style that characterizes you is to have in your closet the bags that will make you feel and look beautiful and confident in any occasion.

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Author: InfoSama